Watoto Samburu Foundation started various projects contributing to improve the future of the children of the Samburu. Of course we do not do this alone. In Kenia we work together with Janet, a US professor retired in Kenya, who coordinates the school and Eric, a contractor, who is instrumental to our construction projects. We also have Muchangi, our Kikuyu man, we can ask for operational and technical matters and our nurse Antony, who operates the Simba Clinic. And of course the staff of teachers at the school, a cook and several other support people.

The projects below are in progress or finished:


Eventually all projects are now centralized on one location. This compound grew larger and larger to a well-functioning campus, properly fenced and centrally managed.

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Building a new school and rooms for teachers and guests

Hard work has returned great results.

Food project

In 2009 we started with a food project for a period of 5 years. All children attending school get a daily meal.
A cook prepares the meals in a new kitchen building.

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Simba Clinic

In 2008 we replaced of the Simba Clinic, a small health center for the compound and the surrounding local villages (manyatta’s).
The old little bush clinic has been replaced by a well-equipped new.

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Water project

In 2006 we arranged a drilling for water, which was found at a depth of 160 meters. The yield of the well is large enough to provide the compound and villages around (~3000 people) with clean drinking water.

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Nursery school Kipepeo

The first project of the Foundation was the building, with sustainable materials, of nursery school Kipepeo (‘Butterfly’). The classroom was opened in November 2004. Since 2014 the nurseries are also centralized at the compound.

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Small projects: