Documentation (Dutch only) of Watoto Samburu Foundation you can find and download below.

To read this you need “Acrobat Reader” which you can download at link:

• Activity Report and Policy plan (read)
• Articles of Association (read)

Financial overview:

. Annual report 2022 (read)

. Annual report 2021 (read)

. Annual report 2020 (read)

. Annual report 2019 (read)

. Annual report 2018 (read)

. Annual report 2017 (read)

. Annual report 2016 (read)

. Annual report 2015 (read)

. Annual report 2014 (read)

. Annual report 2013 (read)
. Annual report 2011 en 2012 (read)
. Annual report 2009 en 2010 (read)
. Annual report 2008 (read)

Substantial gifts will be confirmed in writing.

We also accommodate so-called periodic gifts, annually over a five year period, which could meet additional tax benefits for the donor.

The Foundation has been fiscally registered as ANBI, which will often allow donors and sponsors to use their gifts for tax deduction and it will exempt the foundation from gift- and heritage tax.

The ANBI number of our foundation is: 816352239.

Chamber of Commerce registration: 32079003

If there are any questions or if you want to have further information do not hesitate to contact  us.